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Prepare, Collaborate, Recruit, Select, Report, Verify, Close, Manage Transition, Quality Assurance


Gain a thorough understanding of your open position, your company’s culture, the objectives your new hire will be expected to achieve, and the resources he or she will work with to accomplish those goals.


Collaborate with you and your selection team on an ongoing basis to refine the accountabilities, performance metrics, and critical candidates characteristics that will drive your search and define your new hire’s success.


Identify exciting prospects that fit your company’s unique skill, knowledge and “fit” requirements. Our network is extensive, but every WRA search is an opportunity to bring new high-potentials, most of whom will not be actively seeking new employment, to your attention.


Complete at least two in-depth, structured telephone and/or video interviews with each candidate, measuring his or her performance history, interpersonal and leadership style, and team-building toolset against your identified critical success factors.


Prepare detailed briefings that present the fit of each candidate’s qualifications and leadership style to your position’s requirements and your company’s values and culture.


Submit comprehensive references from at least three business contacts who can offer meaningful, candid feedback on your finalist’s proven ability to build high-performing teams, drive change, and deliver the results your company requires.


Team with HR, your hiring manager, and your potential new hire to negotiate and support acceptance of the offer of employment that best aligns your potential new hire’s financial goals with your company’s talent acquisition practices and policies.


Maintain contact with your new hire during the always-hectic period from resignation to first day of employment. We do everything possible to assure that counteroffers are ignored, relocations proceed smoothly, and other distractions and disruptions are minimized during this critical time.


We follow up with your new hire after 4 to 6 weeks of employment. These confidential discussions can tip the balance between productive onboarding and full engagement, or a discouraged — or even lost — new employee.

Superiority of kind; degree or grade of excellence.

Background photo by Ted Moore, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada.